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Steel Plates Project

"Steel Plates Project" is based on a concept by the 14th century Iranian musician Abd al-Qadir Maraghi. The project was designed by musician and music researcher Seifollah Shokri, who has remade several ancient music instruments. This instrument was first played publicly by "Music For Everyone Group" during opening day of 3rd Tehran International Contemporary Music Festival. In this short video I documented some final stages of its remaking, and the sound that you hear is actually the first sounds of this magical instrument.

Nilper Orchestra

In November 2018, The Polish Embassy in Tehran, celebrated the centenary of Poland regaining independence with a concert of classical music in Vahdat Hall. The Polish Embassy decided to reach out to a wider audience including Iranian public, instead of the diplomatic norm to hold a formal exclusive reception at the embassy. I worked as director of photography to create a video of the performance.

Music Performance

Duos Duet

Duos’ « Mate » is an independent project which its goal is to cover and rearrange a selection of international music. I collaborated as drone operator for shooting aerial footage of their music video.

Sound Wall

Sound Wall is a project by an independent group called "Music For Everyone", that makes it possible for people to experience diversity, complexity and dynamics of music in a playful way and enjoy it. The sound elements are made from daily tools which can lead to individual's creativity in employing other equipments musically. Ultimately, the sound wall invites people to actively collaborate with each other in composing music with no worries about the aesthetic rules.

Architectural Photographs

This is a selection of my photographs that I took for an architectural company in Tehran, Iran.