"Away From Nest" (2019) is the name of a short film I made as the thesis project for my first semester at Massachusetts College of Art & Design. I had recently arrived to the US and as I was dealing with homesickness and culture shock, I was looking for familiar places around the place I was living.



"Rage" (2020) was a short animation I made in response to my fears and concerns about consequences of war.


Visual Effects

"Dystopian Drift" (2020) is a short film in which I employed VFX techniques and I edited my own old footages to represent the humans' voracious hunger to devour the natural resources and waste them in order to build more machinery complexes, resulting in huge irreversible impacts on environment.


Other Works

Here are some of my travel vlogs, a motion poster (cinemagraph) and 3D VR animation (trailer)